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Healthcare Customer Insights & Behavioural Science:

From Research to Activation

As committed decision-making and behavioural change partners, we bring expertise and excellence in the extraction, interpretation, and nudging of healthcare professionals’ and patients’ behaviours and motivations.

We are a healthcare-focused customer insights and behavioural science agency determined to do things differently. Hummingbird Insight was born out of the bravery and desire to challenge and disrupt – necessary catalysts to truly great strategies and tactics that question assumptions and push boundaries within the rules. This enables us to identify our clients’ sales and marketing challenges and advise them with clarity and accuracy. Our researchers, psychologists, and sales coaches are passionate about delivering insights-enabled activation, not merely reporting on the status-quo. What this means for you? Sleek, yet profoundly simple insights and solutions to take your brand to its fullest potential.

Our Values


Listen, analyse, and interact with curiosity


Push boundaries within the rules


Work as a team internally and externally


Advise and act with integrity


Take pride in the quality of our work and in ourselves

Our Key Members

Hummingbird Insight's managing director Nayana Wade
Nayana Wade

Managing Director

Nayana is a senior researcher dedicated to social and health issues. Over the years, she has successfully helped her clients launch their program or product optimally, or regain performance they had lost.

Nayana provides government agencies and healthcare brand teams with a complete picture of the challenges they need to tackle – from defining the issue at hand to providing its solution.

Nayana wanted to re-shape the face of social and healthcare research by bringing innovations she learned from other industries. It is with that aspiration at heart that she founded HUMMINGBIRD INSIGHT.

Hummingbird Insight's market research director Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee

Senior Research Director

Lisa is a dualist researcher. In her view, qual and quant are not separate streams and a keen grasp of both is essential for her work with brand teams.

Her role is to deliver a cohesive story to her clients, to fill the knowledge gap, and provide strategic guidance:

1) Knowledge – use a breadth of methodology and therapy area knowledge to design solutions that best fit the social or commercial needs

2) Clarity of thought - Lisa strives to provide clear stories, clear answers, and clear and realistic strategic recommendations

3) Communication - report writing is something of an art form to Lisa - what do the audience need to know, and how to best tell the story to drive home the key message?

Hummingbird Insight's research director Alena Maher
Alena Maher

Senior Research Director

Alena is a psychologist and dualist researcher with over 15 years’ experience in commercial research and consulting across a breadth of therapy areas and health populations.

Her specialism lies in diagnosing human behaviour and partnering with clients to translate science-based insights into actionable outcomes that become tools to effectively move business metrics; she takes pride in her ability to input strategy that is easily understood and immediately useful.

Proof of her success comes with clients being showcased globally as best-practice brand execution.

Alena has deep, hands-on experience leading successful programs across the full range of brand lifecycle, from pre-launch exploration to market share defence beyond loss of exclusivity, with particular strength in launch strategy and customer segmentation. She is passionate about optimising the balance between scientific rigour and practical simplicity, choosing the right approach for each unique brief, and her combination of qualitative and advanced quantitative skills make her an expert in discerning implications from the available (often small) target market.

Hummingbird Insight's Associate Research Director, Maureen Ladao
Maureen Ladao

Associate Research Director

Maureen is a market research professional with over 9 years of consulting experience, mainly within the healthcare and life science industry. She has led various types of qualitative and quantitative research programs for multinational pharmaceutical, nutritional, and medical technology companies. During her time in the Philippines, she has also collaborated with key public health and government organizations to help improve their services to patients.

With her background in statistics and keen interest in psychology, Maureen is passionate about understanding customers, making sense of numbers, and delivering data-driven and actionable insights. She is committed to building strong partnership with clients and ultimately, helping create meaningful impact to patients and the healthcare industry.

Hummingbird Insight's research manager Olivia Dell
Olivia Dell

Research Manager

Olivia is currently studying marketing and psychology at Macquarie University and applies her academic learnings to her work at Hummingbird, gaining first-hand real-world experience.

She first recognised her passion for marketing and behavioural science through work experience with Hummingbird when she was in high school, igniting goals and aspirations to strive for. Her previous work experience as a pharmacy assistant was a great stepping stone to healthcare marketing.

Olivia is training and quickly progressing to become an excellent qualitative and quantitative researcher and a behavioural scientist. Her day-to-day work at Hummingbird consists of interviewing healthcare professionals and conducting qualitative / quantitative analysis. Olivia is an absolute rising star in the field of healthcare market research and we are proud to be the ones launching her career.

Hummingbird Insight's research manager Debby Mulia
Debby Mulia

Research Manager

Debby is a market research dualist with a background in medical biotechnology and marketing. She values working in the healthcare industry as it allows her to make a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout her career, Debby has had the opportunity to embrace a variety of research techniques, including Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye tracking devices to dig deep into cognitive processes.

As a driven and outcome-focused individual, she enjoys analysing both qualitative and quantitative data and converting insights into actionable business decisions.

Hummingbird Insight's Associate Research Manager, Olivia Carolan
Olivia Carolan

Associate Research Manager

Olivia is completing her Master of Public health, and has an academic background in media, communications, immunology, and pathology.

She has a passion for evidence-based marketing and problem-solving and has professional experience in integrated healthcare communications.

She is eager to combine her knowledge in medical science and data to drive access to medicines and improve health literacy and patient outcomes.

Hummingbird Insight's Associate Research Manager, Sunit Kukreja
Sunit Kukreja

Associate Research Manager

Sunit is a market researcher with more than seven years of consulting experience, mainly within the healthcare and life science industry. She has worked with various multinational pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies to help them identify go to market strategy for countries in APAC.

Sunit is a team player and a fast learner with keen interest in understanding customer needs and innovative solutions to address the underlying healthcare challenges. Her experience lies in the qualitative research where she intends to use her skills and background in healthcare to support the growth of client’s business and improve patient outcomes in the current dynamic environment.

Hummingbird Insight's Associate Research Analyst, Narumon Piriyakulchai
Narumon Piriyakulchai

Associate Research Analyst

Narumon is a market research professional with an impressive seven years of experience, specializing in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. Proficient in data analysis and visualization, she excels in transforming complex information into clear, concise presentations that drive tangible results.

Narumon's approach includes thorough research on each project, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both the client's business and the objectives of the research. She adeptly crafts compelling storylines for her presentations, effectively engaging audiences while addressing their inquiries and needs.

Driven by a genuine passion for innovation and societal impact, Narumon is particularly keen on extending her expertise into the healthcare market. Leveraging her robust analytical acumen and strategic mindset, she aspires to make a significant contribution in this dynamic sector.

Hummingbird Insight's operations director Mary Ann Patterson
Mary Ann Patterson

Operations Director

Mary-Ann is an operations expert and worked in the Government and Social Research sector for 15+ years with previous success in business management and workplace training and assessment. Meticulous in all areas of the development and completion of high-quality data collection, Mary-Ann comes to the Healthcare sector with proven skills in large scale project management of internationally respected research panels.

Her enthusiasm in respondent engagement, maintaining low attrition, and ensuring fair representation across demographics is essential in the management of our HCP panel. Her work with the Government and Academic sector sees her well versed in policy compliance, questionnaire, administration conventions, and demonstrating advanced technical knowledge needed to effectually manage our research projects.

Hummingbird Insight's Operations Manager Rattana, Tangkitsombat
Rattana Tangkitsombat

Operations Manager

Rattana is a seasoned professional with a strong foundation in operations and project management. With hands-on experience in various aspects of project management and operations in the market research field, she has demonstrated exceptional organizational and logistical skills. Notably, Rattana has excelled in roles involving project coordination and client relationship management. With a keen eye for detail and a drive for excellence, she has consistently delivered results in fast-paced environments.

A Bachelor’s degree in management from Handong Global University in South Korea has equipped Rattana with a deep understanding of cultural nuances and effective management strategies. Through rigorous coursework and practical training, Rattana honed critical skills in leadership, communication, and problem-solving. This educational background, combined with real-world experience, has uniquely positioned Rattana to excel in diverse professional settings.

Hummingbird Insight's Pharmacovigilance Manager, Lisa Wang
Lisa Wang

Pharmacovigilance Manager

Lisa is an experienced and dedicated pharmacist with more than 10 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

She began her career in the field of pharmacovigilance in 2019 and has since worked on the adverse event (AE) management of many market research projects and patient oriented programs.

Lisa’s day-to-day duty is to train the Hummingbird staff on clients’ AE reporting requirements, verify source data, report AEs to clients’ drug safety department, and manage our pharmacovigilance standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Hummingbird Insight's Commerical Director, Pete Tomlinson
Pete Tomlinson

Commercial Director

Pete activates customer insights by designing and helping healthcare companies to deploy behavioural change interventions in the form of sales cues and messages. He is passionate about training and coaching sales teams, so their performance stays true to the uncovered insights.

Pete has extensive commercial leadership experience across many healthcare companies, including originator and generics/biosimilar brands, as well as medical consumables, capital equipment, electronic devices and systems.

His approach is warm and adaptable, creates a positive culture, and empowers teams and individuals to perform at their best.

Hummingbird Advisory

At Hummingbird Insight, we use our own proprietary panel of over 70,000 Healthcare Professionals including General Practitioners, Specialist Physicians, Surgeons, and Allied Health to conduct our research.

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