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Social & Healthcare Research

From Insights to Solutions

We're not just here to make a living. We're here to make a difference.

We're not just here to make a living.

We're here to make a difference.

We are a social and healthcare research agency determined to do things differently. Hummingbird Insight was born out of the bravery and desire for the freedom to challenge, create, and disrupt – necessary catalysts to truly great strategies that question assumptions and push boundaries within the rules. Our researchers and psychologists are passionate about delivering insights-enabled activation, not merely reporting on the status-quo. What this means for you? Sleek, yet profoundly simple insights and solutions to take your program or your brand to its fullest potential.

Our Key Members

Hummingbird Insight's managing director Nayana Wade
Nayana Wade

Managing Director

Nayana is a senior researcher dedicated to social and health issues. Over the years, she has successfully helped her clients launch their program or product optimally, or regain performance they had lost.

Nayana provides government agencies and healthcare brand teams with a complete picture of the challenges they need to tackle – from defining the issue at hand to providing its solution.

Nayana wanted to re-shape the face of social and healthcare research by bringing innovations she learned from other industries. It is with that aspiration at heart that she founded HUMMINGBIRD INSIGHT.

Hummingbird Insight's market research director Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee

Research Director

Lisa is a dualist researcher. In her view, qual and quant are not separate streams and a keen grasp of both is essential for her work with brand teams.

Her role is to deliver a cohesive story to her clients, to fill the knowledge gap, and provide strategic guidance:

1) Knowledge – use a breadth of methodology and therapy area knowledge to design solutions that best fit the social or commercial needs

2) Clarity of thought - Lisa strives to provide clear stories, clear answers, and clear and realistic strategic recommendations

3) Communication - report writing is something of an art form to Lisa - what do the audience need to know, and how to best tell the story to drive home the key message?

Hummingbird Insight's research manager Debby Mulia
Debby Mulia

Research Manager

Debby is a market research dualist with a background in medical biotechnology and marketing. She values working in the healthcare industry as it allows her to make a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout her career, Debby has had the opportunity to embrace a variety of research techniques, including Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye tracking devices to dig deep into cognitive processes.

As a driven and outcome-focused individual, she enjoys analysing both qualitative and quantitative data and converting insights into actionable business decisions.

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